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Origins Virtual World - Grid Stats
Current Time: 05-20-2017 19:20:55 UTC
Total Land Area: 917504 Sq. Meters
Computed Total Regions: 14
Actual Regions: 8
Total Registered Users: 14
Unique visitors Last 60 Days: 54
Unique visitors Last 30 Days: 54
Local Vistors Online Now: 0
HG Vistors Online Now: 2
Total Online Now: 2

If you have questions you now have the option to chat here and voice your questions about land stores currency or tech support, and even attach files to send to us. Simply click "Chat now" to begin a session with our helpful staff, we look forward to helping you get the best experience out of our platform. 

Welcome to our platform, Our Mission is to to make a unique virtual experience. Which will allow for in-world as well as real-world shopping via real-world companies. Where everyone with a product has the opportunity to showcase their products in-world for purchase there or in the real-world setting. You will be able to rent shops and apartments or book a hotel for your next vacation or business trip in-world as well as the real-world. We offer a unique and diverse social platform, where you can meet friends or make new ones (Via voice or chat messaging) , RIDE the ONLY Zipline in OS We will offer clubs that you can party at 24/7, work, play shop, hangout or sight see with other users in-world, this will allow you to make money to make purchases in-world for your avatar or exchange in-world virtual currency for real-world purchases. 

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